How Facebook Thinks and Why You Should Care

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing what you post would help your audience in some way–news about an event, a super deal on a class just like what they were telling you about the other day, or a great link to what might turn out to be a job–but you get like, 10 likes and you know you’ve got thousands of subscribers!

The simple truth is that Facebook puts stuff on people’s news feeds that it “thinks” (Algorithm, ahem ahem….) they will want to look at—or really, “stuff” that looks like the “stuff” they’ve already looked at before–and that lots of others have looked at already.

What Do People Like To Look At?

Well, it’s a bit of basic psychology mixed with a few new trends plus a little supportive nudge nudge by you.

Psychology 101

We like what makes us happy. Posts that inspire, posts that are happy, posts of our kids and us and our friends, and posts that make us LAUGH.

The trends

It’s a quickly evolving world, so take a few minutes each week to stop and apply that mindfulness practice to the big, bad world of social media. Is there a new filter or video format that everyone is trying lately? Are certain topics on people’s  minds? What are people doing these day and how does that overlap with your product? Take some time to notice what is new and fresh and jump aboard!


Marketing research tells us that building relationships always has a positive impact on your engagement success. Posts that lead to a viewer taking an action—maybe they are offered a sneak peak or a special deal. Is it a question they can comment on? Do they get to share their voice? The basic idea is “more-than-looking.” The post has to be about doing.

You Get Out What You Put In

Facebook advertising is relatively inexpensive and spending a little bit each month may be the key to getting your momentum going. Promote your business, a product or an event so more people see it. Incentivize these same people to “like” your page and you may boost engagement, followers, and trafffic.

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